Community Empowerment Center
"Elevating ~ Equipping ~ Empowering"

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Darryl A. White, CEO

Darryl White’s motivation and passion for the majority of his years has been to reach others and make a lasting, positive impact in the lives of people.

Over the past twenty years Darryl has impacted the lives of people one-on-one, in small groups and in lecture settings. Establishing The Community Empowerment Center in the year 2000, he was able to service at-risk families in the realm of parenting, economics and life skills. He has also developed service plans for various populations within the community. Some include: battered women, the alcohol dependent, at-risk children, and the mentally ill/ developmentally delayed. Since relocating to a more metropolitan area, the services of HIV Outreach & Support, and Summer/After- school Enrichment have also been developed.

He remains actively involved in leadership training, faith-based program development and grant initiatives. He also facilitates workshops on self-worth, male responsibility, healthy marriages, effective parenting, goal-setting and financial literacy.

Darryl White is one that believes if everyone would reach one, the quality of life would be greatly improved for many. Whether from behind a desk, in the field or one-on-one, his goal is to genuinely touch and improve the lives of all people.


Anissa Hannon, Programs Coordinator